Former Volunteer Coordinator Janice Bell

We want YOU to help out the  Northwest Creeking Competition! 

Northwest Creeking Competition is weeks away and stoke is building for this year's event. One of our favorite attributes of the #NWCC is the fact that it is a volunteer driven & community supported event. The reason it's a special & fantastic race every year is because of the wonderful people who step up to contribute to its success. We need YOUR help this year to make the  #CREEKCOMP the best ever, so sign up to volunteer! With that in mind, below are some of the top reasons to volunteer at the  #NWCC:

- Free race entry if you pre-register 

- Pole position for food at the "Event Fundraising" Dinner on Saturday (sponsored by Next Adventure)

- Free Ninkasi Beer at the Saturday Dinner

- Free food & drinks for those who help set up the campground & race course on Friday

- Raffle tickets & prizes from the exclusive pool of volunteer raffle goods

- Free camping

- Special volunteer event shirt

- Safety boaters get snacks & sack lunches

- The respect & adulation of your peers

- A warm & fuzzy feeling in your heart from knowing that you've supported a grass roots, community supported event!

And much, much more! Please click the link below to sign up to volunteer, whether you want to be part of the stellar safety crew that makes the race happen or if you're a licensed server in the state of Washington that wants to keep everyone at the event happy & well lubricated, we need your support! Thanks for being the best boating community out there & SYOTR